Bobby Bajrams Everest climb for life!
A fundraiser event for
disability awareness

BOBBY BAJRAMS – World Class Extreme Disabled Athlete

At the age of 13 Bobby was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. He has experienced periods of blindness and impaired mobility.

Despite the hardships of living with MS, Bobby, now 48, is a passionate, devoted man who cares for people and wants to challenge people’s minds to the possibilities available to those who are living with disabilities.

Bobby has set himself the task of reaching the peak of Mt Everest to show that MS does not rule his life and also to raise disability awareness and encourage those with disabilities to take action in order to improve themselves.

Bobby’s achievements to date:

  • Mt Everest base camp numerous times 5368 meters
  • Mt Kalapatar 3 climbs 5550 meters
  • Meera Peek 6000 meters
  • Mt East Lobashae 6117 meters.

Bobby did the TRIPLE climb, Everest base camp, Mt Kalapatar and Mt East Lobashae.The first person ever to complete the TRIPLE with a disability in 18 days. Climbing over 18 thousand meters all together and doing it with a injured ankle.

Bobby is a father to 3 year old Brooklyn and Annie 14 years. Bobby and his partner Nina have been together 20 years. Bobby started his climbing journey 11 years ago. In a Wheelchair weighing 140kg, Dr John Tickell asked me “What do you want tovdo with your life?” I replied I want to walk to the top of the world and see the blue sky. And that’s how my everest journey started.

John helped me lose 60kg, Slowly slowly, it took 7 years. Training hard at Fitness First, in the mountains with ADVENTURE GUIDES AUSTRALIA, In the jayco climate room,The Niim climate room,Trees adventure obstacle course, Bounce ninja warrior course, Trainingg on the beaches with Life Saving Victoria, In the gym and pool at Richmond Football clubs aligned centres and eating Befit Food.

Bobby’s Multiple Sclerosis see’s him in a wheel chair 6 months of the year or on walking sticks, some days it’s hard toget out of my bed, he truly is one of the most extreme athletes in the world with a disability.

26th July 2024

• Complimentary drink on arrival
• Canapes supplied 6pm to 8pm
• Charity auction
• Live music and entertainment
Tickets $65
*Plus booking fee
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